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Macadamia Nut Oil

Macadamia nut trees prefer volcanic soil in a tropical climate; you will find them in Brazil, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, South Africa and Indonesia. Their taste is unique and quite appealing. The nuts are filled with nutrients, and the oil pressed from them is loaded with antioxidants. The oil finds a place of respect among the epicurean community as being even healthier than olive oil
Good for the Skin Nut oil The high fat content and great antioxidant character of macadamia nut oil had made it useful in the cosmetics industry as an additive in many skin care products. The regenerative effects of the oil promote softer and younger looking skin. The monounsaturated oils are able to replace the original oils in damaged skin.

The palmitoleic acid present in Macadamia oil aids skin in regaining elasticity in situations where it has been lost.

The high antioxidant effects of the oil make it an ideal moisturizer and helps to prevent sunburn by helping the skin retain its moisture. The high vitamin E content of the oil aids in healing small wounds.

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