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Grapefruit Organic Essential Oil

Beauty and Skin BenefitsGrapefruit essential oil from grapes

Grapefruit oil is used in an array of perfumes, cosmetics, detergents and soaps. According to both "The Aromatherapy Bible" and "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils," grapefruit oil is believed to be effective in treating clogged pores, acne and oily skin. When used on the scalp, grapefruit oil is thought to have a stimulating effect on the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth. Grapefruit oil is believed to tone the skin and work as an astringent.

Citrus x paradisi) is made from cold expression of the fresh peel of grapefruit (in this case, the pink variety). Grapefruit Essential Oil is uplifting; good for performance anxiety, Grapefruit, Pink: Citrus paradisi, cold pressed peel, organic, South Africa. Has a fresh, sweet, sharp and citrusy aroma. It is antidepressant, antiseptic, diuretic and disinfectant, stimulant. Invaluable in times of stress and depression as it uplifts and revives the spirit . Anti-cellulite and Anti-oxidant Effects ,
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Grapefruit essential oil is extracted from the rind of the Citrus paradise fruit through cold compression. This fragrant oil offers a wide range of benefits and is popular for use in aromatherapy, in skin and body care treatments, by herbalists and naturopaths. It can be used in a diffuser, burner or vaporizer, applied to the skin, added to a massage oil, used in a compress or included in a bath or shower.
Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Claims are made by a number of body care product manufacturers that grapefruit essential oil combats cellulite. While the FDA does not recognize these claims, there seems to be evidence that grapefruit essential oil does reduce swelling, which could temporarily reduce the appearance of "orange peel" skin.

Anti-Oxidant Effects

Anti-oxidants neutralize the rogue free radicals that damage skin and other organs and that speed up the signs of aging. Grapefruit essential oil is rich in vitamin C, a recognized and respected anti-oxidant, and topical application of grapefruit essential oil can boost the skin's regenerative abilities...