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Bay Laurel Essential Oil:

is well-regarded in aromatherapy and cosmetic soaps due to its unique molecular structure. It contains elements of nearly all of the primary chemical groups which make up essential oils. The result is a broad range of therapeutic uses. Bay Laurel (and other essential oils of Mediterranean plants) were the subject of research into possible anti-viral activity.
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Bay Laurel Essential Oil: has a spicy camphor scent with a soft floral aroma.Bay laurel leaf

Bay Laurel have traditionally been steeped in rum to make hair tonic. It is mildly antiseptic and helps treat or greasy hair flaky scalps..
It is antiseptic and has astringent properties.

In aromatherapy Bay essential oil is excellent as a scalp stimulant removing grease from hair.
It is also good for poor circulation, cellulite or muscular aches...