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The Benefits Of Coffee Butter On Your Skin

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Coffee Butter On Soaps

Like the smell of fresh roasted coffee? Why not use it on your skin? Many people do. It a re-freshening and awakening scent, and the actual coffee has more benefits/properties that heal and treat many different problems you may have with your skin. From cellulite, to dry skin, to acne - coffee butter is beneficial in more ways than one.
  1. Coffee Butter & Famous People
  • Why not use coffee butter as a massage oil? It has been known to block enzymes that are harmful to your skin . It's even becoming a popular ingredient in sunscreen products because of it's natural UV protection.
  • Coffee butter is currently being used as a natural wrinkle buster, sunblock, moisturizer and a salve for a host of other skin problems. It has excellent moisture retaining properties, since it is rich in phytosterols.
  • Famous people that use products with coffee butter: Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford.
  • Coffee butter spreads really well, so for many it is ideal as a body butter or balm. May be used in cosmetics, toiletries, soaps, massage oils & balms, hair care and sun care preparations. Many products that contain coffee butter actually have 3-4%, but you can use as much of it in your products as you want, or just use it full strength.

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