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"How does sesame oil benefit skin?"

When sesame oil is added to skin care products, it forms a barrier on the skin's surface. Used in items from sunscreens and skin cleansers to lipstick and moisturizers, sesame seed oil has a unique ability to soften skin, lips and hair.

And since it holds moisture in, sesame oil can help your skin stay hydrated. Because oils aren't usually recommended for people with oily skin, sesame oil might be better suited for people with normal or dry skin types.sesame seeds

In addition to helping your skin, sesame oil can also keep your 'do in place.
The oil can be used to condition your hair, but can also protect your hairstyle against the elements by acting as a shield.

In hair care products, it may keep extra moisture from being absorbed into the strands, which can cause your hair to quickly lose its style

Sesame oil might not make you automatically think "skin care," but this botanical oil could already be part of your beauty routine.
And if you struggle with dry, itchy skin or hair that goes limp whenever the humidity is on the rise, you might consider seeking out products that include sesame oil.

  • Special uses of Sesame Oil:
  • - Soothing to sun or wind-burned skin
  • - helps tighten facial skin
  • - helps control acne blemish eruptions
  • - effective in soothing eczema
  • - used on a baby's bottom, will protect from diaper rash
  • - has sun blocking qualities for mild natural sun protection
  • - used in massage oils as energy rejuvenation
  • - can be used to control bacteria-caused dandruff
  • - heals and protects mild scrapes or abrasions

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