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Crushed Flowers

From Ancient Egypt to Tibet flowers have been used for healing. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the spirit or essence of the flower contained magical healing powers given by the deities and that their fragrances came from the gods so mortals might become more perfect by absorbing the scent.

Tibetan Buddhists sprinkle or sometimes immerse a patient in water in which flowers have been soaked.

In the modern urban and technological world, many people do not have knowledge of local wildflowers that our ancestors possessed,. However, we can now see flowers from all over the world in Botanic Gardens and obtain exotic blooms either produced in hot houses or flown across the world to flower shops in a matter of hours.

Healing plants & flowers for skin conditions

Plant and flower remedies are simply remarkable. For centuries they have been undoubtedly known for their multitude of powerful healing properties when it comes to skin care. Whether you are creating a “do it yourself” at home beauty treatment with plants and flowers from your own garden, or like to shop to find the best healing plant and flower based skin care products, below you will find the few that we should all get to know and enjoy the benefits from in our beauty routines:

Aloe Vera – The gel from this plant is a wonderful skin soother, healer and collagen booster known to help with sunburns, cuts, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. It has been noted to be particularly healing for cracked lips.

Calendula – These flowers have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties used for cuts, insect bites, and to reduce redness of the skin.

Chamomile – This herb is excellent for soothing and calming the skin, making it excellent for sensitive, itchy skin. Chamomile is often used to treat eczema, rosacea and other common skin sensitivities.

Lavender – Great for stressed skin, lavender has natural antibacterial, calming and soothing properties. It has been known to help soothe acne.

Rose – The petals are often used for it’s skin purifying, soothing and softening properties. Rose is a wonderful ingredient used to remedy dry, aging skin.

Tea Tree – This botanical is well known for its anti fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful with the treatment of acne.

Rose Petals

Rose Petals
INCI Name: Rosa damascena

Rose Oil, Rose Water and an Infusion made from Rose Petals are used in Skin Care products for tender, dry, sensitive skin and have a cleansing, astringent, toning, moisture retaining, stimulating and soothing effect. When Rose is included in a Cream or Lotion, it stimulates and protects the skin, while moisturising and hydrating it. It gives a boost to all skin types, and is particularly beneficial to dry, mature and sensitive skin.

- See more at: http://www.aromantic.co.uk/herbs.htm#sthash.Z1QhXRg1.dpuf
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