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Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil
Palm Oil-
Also called palm fruit oil, palm oil comes from the fruit of Elaeis guineensis, the oil palm tree. Although most other types of vegetable oils come from the seed or kernel of the various fruits, palm oil is extracted from the fleshy pulp or mesocarp of the oil palm fruit. Unrefined palm oil possesses a rich, reddish-orange color and a variety of potential health benefits.
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Malaysian sustainable palm oil is goodness. The healthy tropical oil is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree that grows in Malaysia’s sustainable plantations. Palm oil is the world’s first sustainable vegetable oil. This non-GMO oil is extremely versatile and has been enjoyed by billions for thousands of years. It is widely used in food and non-food products worldwide.
Malaysian palm oil is:
Better for your health
Malaysian palm oil is naturally free of trans-fatty acids. It is a healthy replacement for traditional hydrogenated oils, such as soy and canola. Palm oil is nature’s richest source of heart- and brain-friendly vitamin E tocotrienols. Antioxidant-rich palm oil has a balanced fatty acid profile and a neutral effect on blood cholesterol. Red palm oil is also an abundant source of pro-vitamin A carotenoids.
Better for the environment
Palm oil is the most efficient oil-bearing crop. Unlike most other oil crops, each oil palm tree produces fruit year-round for more than 25 years. In Malaysia, palm oil is only produced on legal agricultural land in compliance with Good Agricultural Processes. Fifty percent of Malaysia’s land area is mandated forest cover..