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Cardamom is often used in cosmetics as a fragrance.
Cardamom and cardamom oil have a distinctive spicy, sweet scent. Cardamom oil is used in perfumes, soaps, body wash, powders and other cosmetics to impart scent. cardamon seeds
Oriental style perfumes and scented products often include cardamom, in additional to other essential oils.
Is native to Asia. This herb has a fresh warm spicy scent.
When added to soaps, the finely ground cardamom improves circulation and is warming, uplifting, and energizing.
  • Cardamom's therapeutic properties are useful in cosmetic applications. Cardamom can be mixed into skin care products for antiseptic purposes or anti-inflammatory purposes to calm and soothe skin. In perfumes, cardamom is added to stimulate the senses. Products such as facial soaps may use cardamom for the warming sensation that cardamom imparts on the skin. Cosmetics that use cardamom for therapeutic reasons may be labeled as an aromatherapy product or include therapeutic benefits in the product description.

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