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Lemongrass Health Benefits And Healing Properties

Use of lemongrass oil on the skin can benefit the skin a great deal. Its antibacterial, astringent and antiseptic properties prevent and cure skin infection, prevent acne breakouts and soothe broken or inflamed skin.
It is used as an ingredient in many skin care products like soaps, lotions, perfumes and deodorants. lemongrass oils It is also known to prevent excessive sweating and body odor. It also finds use as an important aromatherapy oil and helps eliminate cellulite. Botanical name: Cymbopogon Citratus - Botanical family: Gramineae Part of plant used: Grass & leaves Origin:

Lemongrass tree is native to India and is also found in Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and China. Description: Lemony, sharp & sweet. History: Lemongrass is also known as Indian Verbena and has been a favored essential oil in India for many hundreds of years. It is native to the southern part of India but also found in abundance in other South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. It is a common ingredient of commercial perfumes and soaps.

  • Properties and Indications:
  • Highly antiseptic
  • Stimulating for the whole body and mind
  • Useful for respiratory infections
  • Aching muscles
  • Keeps away insects
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