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Sesame Seeds Health Benefits

The sesame seeds contain more calcium than milk, since a single spoonful of sesame would be sufficient to cover the needs required by the body during the day.

It has lot of iron which is recommended for people who have anemia or weakness, black sesame contains more iron than white sesame.

It contains amino acids, essential for the proper functioning of the central nervous system.

It contains lecithin, which is a great nutrient for brain cells and also for the optic nerves. sesame seeds

These seeds maintain healthy levels of good cholesterol in the blood, thus preventing cardiovascular problems.

Antioxidant : Its antioxidant properties are due to the presence of an element called “sesame of lignin” that promotes the production of fatty acids and reduces the aging.

Beauty treatments :Recently it was discovered that Sesame, as both seed and oil, was used in the past as a product of beautification. Today, health experts choose it as a Strengthener for the hair and a great ingredient to keep skin healthy.

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