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Anise Essential Oil

Increases elasticity of aging skin. Essential oil of anise is suitable for the care of weak, flabby skin: increases its turgor, and elasticity, normalizes the water-oil balance of the epidermis, and makes the skin more elastic, improving lipid metabolism. It has antiseptic properties. Oil is a source of anethole, from which anise aldehyde (obepin, n-metoksibenzaldegid), is widely used in perfume production...

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Magical effect:
Essential oil of anise is part of the magic formula ensuring the development of communication, travel, intelligence, eloquence, divination, freedom, and wisdom. Is part of the protective compounds and recipes to attract money. Oil of anise promotes spirituality, prosperity, and the solution of legal affairs. As an aphrodisiac essential oil of anise is used in the treatment of frigidity.
The volatile oils from this botanical give licorice candy and chewing gum their unique flavors. Anise essential oil is also added to soaps and perfumes for a rich, sweet fragrance. Scent Characteristics: Warm, spicy, extremely sweet; licorice-like fragrance.

Anise Essential oil Found In: Dead Sea Mud Scented