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Rose Essential Oil

Roses are the source of an exquisite oil that as a delicate, uplifting fragrance and and a healing, rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Roses essential oils The earliest known rose oil distillery existed in the year 1612 in Shiraz in what is now Turkey. Today Bulgaria, Morocco, Turkey, Russia and France with Bulgaria being are till the main producers of commercial roses. Rose oil is traditionally used to calm and uplift. It is anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing, and as such is beneficial for dry, hot, inflamed or itching skin and for many other inflammatory conditions, like conjunctivitis (although it would be rose water rather than the oil that is used for this).In addition, rose is excellent for scarring, treating broken capillaries and for mature skin types. Rose’s cooling and soothing properties are excellent for treating stress related conditions in adults and children. Rose essential oil has been used throughout history in the ancient art of aromatherapy as a healing tonic and mood-elevating supplement. Rose oil is also beneficial for those who have sensitive skin, as it is generally safe for all skin types .How to use the rose oil :Rose oil is often said to be mainly used in skin care, but I'll give you the list and you can decide: Skin care: aging skin, broken capillaries, cold sores, combination skin, dry skin, eczema, elasticity, herpes, mature skin, rejuvenation, sensitive skin, thread-veined skin, toning, wrinkles.

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