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Tangerine Essential Oil is a beautifully fragrant oil which is often overlooked, but is rich in therapeutic properties for the mind, body and skin, making it a very useful oil in aromatherapy that can easily add live and vigor and sophisticated twists to your blends.

Considered the same botanical plant as Mandarin there is just a slight difference between Mandarin and Tangerine in scent, Tangerine having a fresh, sweet, citrusy scent with a delicate top note and a warming bottom note.

Tangerine is Extracted by cold pressed expression of the fruit and the peel of the Tangerine Tree, when the fruit is nearly ripe. The Tangerine tree originated from China, but is now commonly grown throughout the world,
most notably in Brazil, the USA and Mediterranean regions.

"Use tangerine for
it's anti-stretchmarks

You will find Tangerine essential oil in many high end skincare products which use the tangerine for it's anti-stretch mark properties. The unique chemical composition is believed to help with cellulite, reduce fluid retention by improving blood circulation and minimize the appearance of stretch marks. The abilities of Tangerine to improve circulation helps to regulate the skins oil secretions leading to more vibrant and healthy skin and often has an extra moisturizing effect, which can help with skin blemishes, dryness, cracking of the skin and other skin complaints. Used in a mild dose and combined with other oils, it is very useful in the treatment of acne whilst giving a pleasant scent to any acne based treatment. Tangerine is beneficial in a hair tonic and can be used with dandruff, flaky scalp and other hair problems.

Tangerine Essential Oil
Tangerine Essential Oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the tangerine tree. In addition, tangerine can be beneficial to the skin, used traditionally to help stretch marks and have a positive effect on cellulite.The aroma is very popular with children, and can have the same relaxing effect as for adults.tangerina

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