Handmade~ Cold Processed Soaps,True Real Handmade Soap this Week ,
We know that handmade soap is at its best after a few weeks of curing so we're committed to waiting out that time period.
Week Real Soaps
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Natural Handmade Citrus Artisan Soap with Mango Butter and Tangerines,  All Natural Skin Care Soap  Orange And Lime Citrus Soap Aged Florida Natural Bar Handmade
Our Price: $14.25
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Castile Olive- Palm with Cocoa Butter Soap Bar Unscented Artisan Handmade Castile Olive- Palm Soap Artisan Natural Bar
Our Price: $14.25
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Bar Soap - Oatmeal - Shea Butter Limited Edition Aged Old Fashioned Organic Oatmeal Soap 15 oz.
Our Price: $28.00
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