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Pink Rose Petals and Buds

It has many usages such as seasoning, medicinal, cosmetics, perfumery, aroma, decorating, food industries and herbal tea.Pink Rose Bud Tea is made from real rose buds, plucked when they are young and then dried. Highly enjoyable beverage. Pink Rose Bud Tea adds spark to women beauty, relieve menstrual pain (add a bit of red wine and brown sugar).

The flowers, gathered in the bud and dried, are said to be more astringent than the Red Roses. Suitable to be blended with Black Tea.

Rosebud and rose petal tea has been used as a part of Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years. Drinkers of this tea claim many benefits, including reduced symptoms of depression, calmed nerves, increased circulation and improved digestion.

Most forms of rosebud tea are naturally caffeinated. According to ChoiTime.com, there is less caffeine in rose tea compared to coffee. One 8 oz. serving of rose tea contains anywhere from 30 to 60 mg of caffeine, while a traditional cup of coffee contains more than 100mg of caffeine. According to Medline Plus, caffeine gives a boost of energy while stimulating the central nervous system. It also boosts the body's metabolism.

References: "Herbal Body Book"; Jeanne Rose; 2000 "The Complete Book of Herbs"; Lesley Bremness 1988. ChoiTime.com: Rose Tea. We carefully select our produce varieties for excellent taste and quality. Our produce is grown without pesticides or herbicides resulting in highly nutritious food and healthy soil.

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