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Calendula Petals

Many Benefits of Calendula Flower

Marigold FlowerCalendulas have many alternative names – Pot Marigolds, Mary bud, bull’s eyes, holligold, goldbloom and ruddes. In fact, the name “pot marigold” refers back to tradition of adding Marigold to the cooking pot. Marigold (its common name) is likely to owe its origin to the Virgin Mary. Its botanical or Latin name is calendula officinalis. The name Calendula has a meaning “first day of the month”, this is probably because the plants are in bloom at the start of most months of the year. Marigold is considered to be an excellent companion plant because it helps to naturally repel many insects from other flowers, herbs and vegetables. They are native to the Mediterranean countries.

Before being “discovered” by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, calendula (calendula officinalis) was first used in Indian and Arabic cultures. The Indians use colorful wreaths of calendula to decorate Hindu temple altars and also to crown the gods and goddesses. It was used by ancient civilizations since a long time ago as topical ointments and washes for ulcers and wounds. It was well known to the herbalist as garden flower and for use in medicine and cookery. Only the deep orange-flowered of calendula officinalis that have the medicinal properties.

(Calendula Officinalis) Calendula's reputation is for being stimulating, which makes it a perfect choice for a refreshing bath. Petals only, no stems. Perfect for adding directly to soaps.
There are many skin and cosmetic preparations which contain calendula. The calendula lotion can be used to nourish and clear the skin as well as to clear up spots and pimples. Strain, pour into glass or plastic bottles and refrigerate. An infusion can be made in order to aid digestion or also as a healing mouthwash for gums. This cheerful garden flower also can be used as an excellent skin healer both in soaps and in salves.
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