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Shaving soap vs shaving cream - What's the difference
Tara Edwards (TrimEpil.com)
Shaving is an important part of the overall personal hygiene maintenance process
and as such, it definitely shouldn't be neglected or considered trivial. A lot of
people look at shaving like something they do very swiftly and without much
thought so they don't really care about the quality of the tools they're using, their
shaving technique nor their post-shaving skin care rituals. This kind of thinking is
wrong because it's very important to practice shaving properly and take all of its
elements into account adequately.

Wet shaving is superior to electric razor shaving in terms of the quality of the end
result, although it is a bit more difficult than its counterpart. But in order to do a
proper wet shave you first need to choose what kind of hair prepping product you'll
use, shaving soap or shaving cream.
Are they the same? Of course not, they would be called the same if they were. They
both have their pros and cons so they suit various users according to their
preferences. Having said so, let's find out what their pros and cons are and which
one is the best choice for you.
Shaving soap
These soaps come in various shapes and sizes and they can have some differences
when it comes to their characteristics. There are variants of more or less delicate
soaps, softer soaps, harder soaps and even a mix of soap and cream variants out
there on the market nowadays.
Basically, the main trait of a shaving soap is the consistency. You can get thinner or
thicker kinds, all depending on your preferences. Of course, the price tag plays a
role, determining which ones are more luxurious, like the three milled type. Trying
them all out for a while before choosing your favorite is the best way to go.
If you don't like to use fragrant shaving products then these soaps might be your
ideal choice. You can easily find an unscented shaving soap and enjoy its benefits
if you wish to. Of course, you can also get yourself a scented soap as well, it all
comes down to you and your decision in the end.
Producing a lather from a shaving soap takes a bit of skill. This can ward off
potential customers who don't have a lot of time for shaving in the morning. If you
can't work up a lather no matter what you do, it's possible that you're using hard
water which has a lot of minerals in it. In that case, consider using distilled water
for shaving, it should solve the problem.
Shaving cream

There are a lot of different types of shaving cream out there for you to choose but you should
remember one thing before you make your choice. Canned shaving creams are the worst.
They contain a lot of harmful ingredients that will damage your skin and could potentially cause
you some health issues along the way. So it's wise to stay clear from them.

however, have good ingredients
in them and they actually benefit

your skin, nourishing it and making it healthier. These creams usually come in a
tube or a tub so you can recognize them easily.
They provide you with an already made thick, rich lather. All you have to do before
shaving is apply it and you're good to go. This is great for people who shave in a
hurry because it helps them maintain their professional appearance while greatly
reduces your preparation time.
They're cheap. This is a warning sign for most people, making them think the
product is of very low quality. It's a pro as well, but only for more knowledgeable
customers unfortunately.
Now that you know the differences between these two shaving products, you can
go ahead and make your choice. So, which one will it be, shaving cream or shaving soap?

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