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8. Best Body Soaps That Keep Summer -Winter Skin Hydrated

Harsh summer or winter weather can ravage skin, try one of these winning beauty soaps
Most Luxurious Scent Soap
If it's a rich, floral fragrance you're after, try French Jasmine and Lilac .
You'll love the heady blend of flowers essential oils.

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Natural Soap Brazilian Oils, Almond , Acai and Butter  Soap -  Oils  From The Rain Forest For Skin Care Artisan Handmade  Natural  Goats Milk Soap Bar  Local Farm Fresh all Natural Milk Fresh All Natural Artisan Thai Lemongrass Soap with Cocoa Butter Skin Care Soap
Farm Fresh Goats Milk Soap
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Fresh Goat and Coconut Milk Soap all Natural, Handmade with Honey And Oatmeal Soap Bar Gentle Exfoliate Artisan Handmade Bar Soap -  Handcrafted  All Natural Skin Care Soap With Oils From Brazil Handcrafted All Natural Artisan Sea Kelp Varech Soap Bar
Goat's Milk and Organic Coconut Milk Soap Handmade
Our Price: $15.99
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Volcanic Ash Natural Soap Bar With Shea Butter and scented with Patchouli ,Natural Skin Care Handcrafted Soap  - Natural Artisan Handcrafted Soap French Jasmine  with Shea Butter All Natural All Natural Artisan  Peppermint Soap With Sea Clay
Jasmine Lilac Soap Handmade All Natural
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Peppermint Handmade Natural Soap
Our Price: $15.99
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Handmade all natural Oatmeal Soap with Hazelnuts Egyptian Geranium Soap with French Clay Handmade Bar Soap Natural Provence French Lavender with Crushed Rose Petals Soap
Egyptian Geranium Soap With Natural Rose Clay
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All Natural Artisan French Lavender Jasmine Grandiflorum Sea and Rose Clay Bar Soap Natural Dead Sea Mud Himalaya Salt Scrub with  Wood  Spoon Castile Olive Coconut Limited Edition Soap
Provence Lavender - Egyptian Geranium soap cleans and balances the complexion by removing excess oils without drying your skin. Aged Limited Artisan  Dead Sea Mud Soap with Dead Sea Salt (Unscented) Greek Extra  Virgin Organic Olive Oil Soap Aged Natural Olive Oil Soap
Natural Handcrafted Soap Organic Lemongrass (Aged Soap) Aged South Africa Grapefruit Artisan Soap with Moroccan and Brazilian Red Clay (4)  Artisan  Bar Gift Soap Set
(4) Milk Bar Gift Set Natural Artisan Soap
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Gift Set All Natural Handmade  Soaps For Every Skin Type

Variety Gift Skin Care Soaps
(11 ) Gift Handmade Soap -Men or Women's Eleven Bars
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Handmade Soap with the Lightest Texture
Peppermint and Shea Butter soothes and cools skin with mint extract , moisturizer and leaves no residue.
Most Impressive Moisturizing Soap
Goat's Milk Soap draw moisture to the skin and helps strengthen skin's barrier.
Brazilian Richest Hand Soap
Your hands will feel silky (not sticky) after wash with Brazilian Oil Soap a high concentration of
acai berry butter and a blend of Brazilian Oils from Rain forest.
Winter and summer Soaps -- You can use seven days a week
Castile and Olive Oil Soap
Don't you love to end a cold day with a delicious hot soak in the tub?
Great soap for the end of the day is Provence French Lavender -
If you're serious about winter shaving,
A good shaving body soap is
Volcanic Ash with Patchouli.
Itchiness is often the sign of excessive dryness precipitated by cold winter or Hot summer .
I recommend a shower w/unscented soap -
Kelp Varesh .