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Rosehip Essential oil For Skin Care

The most popular benefits when using rose hip essential oil regards natural skin care. The essential fatty acids and vitamin C content of the oil are all useful in improving your skin's ability to regenerate and rejuvenate itself. In fact, aromatherapy experts believe that it can be a reliable alternative to common skin or moisturizing cream,
whether or not you dilute it.
Although considered as non-irritant, make sure to perform a patch test using a small quantity of the oil on discreet areas of the body to ensure you don't develop allergies
. In addition to the anti-aging effects of using the oil on your skin, rose hip essential oil can also be used to treat common skin disorders. Applying rose hip oil on your skin helps firm up your skin to avoid skin sagging that comes with aging, fights wrinkles for a young looking skin, and speed up the healing of scars and burns.
Some of the skin disorders that can be treated with rose hip oil include eczema, scarring, keloid formation, acne, dry skin, and sun damaged skin.

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