Jasmine Handmade Natural Soap

.All our handcrafted natural soaps with jasmine helps healing skin problems like scars, boils, acne, wounds, pox etc. Massaging the oil on skin will painlessly reduce the infection as it is the best cicatristant. Jasmine oil cures stretch marks caused because of excess weight. Jasmine essential oil is one of the most prized and powerful of the essential oils. It comes from an evergreen shrub, Jasminum gradiflora, a native plant of China and Northern India. The white star-shaped blossoms have to be harvested at night, when the fragrance is most intense for our Artisan soaps..
Jasmine essential oil is also a skin ally. As an antiseptic, jasmine will cleanse the skin of impurities. It also will help to balance oily, sensitive skin, and nourish a dry scalp.

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