Jasmine Handmade Natural Soap

Jasmine grandiflorum essential oil is one of the most prized and powerful of the essential oils. It comes from an evergreen shrub, Jasminum gradiflora, a native plant of Northern India. Since ancient times, Jasmine has been referred to as the King of oils (Rose is the Queen). Apparently this is because Jasmine is the most masculine of all the floral oils.
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Jasmine It is also interesting to note that It takes 8,000 carefully hand-picked blossoms to produce 1 gram (about 1 ml.) of Jasmine Absolute. Jasmine grandiflorum flowers are picked in the early hours of dawn as they are unfolding, and attention has to be paid not to bruise or mishandle the jasmine grandiflorum flowers, since that would compromise the aroma. The white star-shaped blossoms have to be harvested at night, when the fragrance is most intense .
Jasmine essential oil is also a skin ally. As an antiseptic, jasmine
will cleanse the skin of impurities. It also will help to balance oily, sensitive skin, and nourish a dry scalp.