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Health Benefits of Dry Lemon Grass Herb

Lemon grass is a perennial plant that is native to India and Nepal; it has a light, lemony scent and flavor, with a hint of ginger. Lemon grass is one of the wondrous herbs; it is very useful as medicinal plant and a delicious food flavoring. Few knows that the other name of Lemon grass is citronella, a popular scent in perfume, candles and soaps.
Citronella is known for its calming effect that relieves insomnia or stress. It is also popular as a mild insect repellent.

dry herbs natural Dry Lemongrass Herb Lemongrass -- Aromatic herb adds delicate lemony perfume . It has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Lemongrass herb preventing and curing pimples and acne. Lemongrass Herb Ingredients Found In This Bar

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