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Switching to natural soap as a good healthier alternative.
Our soaps stay 'good' for years. Stock up now !

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Take a day time to enjoy your shower with our best Natural Artisan Handmade Body Soap. . !
SUPER moisturizing soap
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Find balance through the highest and lowest points on Earth . -

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stout-soap   - Beer Soap - Stout Guinness Oatmeal Bar (Aged 12 oz Large Special )
Limited-Almond-Hazelnut   Aged Large Natural Handcrafted Bar Almond and Hazelnut Soap 12 oz
Large_milk_bar   Aged Farm Fresh Goat and Organic Coconut milk Soap Large Bar 12 oz
L_kona_coffee_bar   AGED Handmade Artisan Pure (Hawaiian Kona Coffee Soap) 14 oz-Soap Bar
Milk_Soap   Aged Large Goat's Milk Soap Bar All Natural Farm Fresh Milk
Organic_kelp_soap   Aged Limited Edition / Organic Bar Soap with Sea Kelp Moss / Chamomile Herb and Cocoa Butter
Mud_Salt   Aged Limited Edition Artisan Dead Sea Mud Soap with Dead Sea Salt (Unscented) 15 oz.
Coffee-Bar   Aged Limited Edition Handcrafted Large Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap 14 oz Bar
gift-basket   All Natural Soaps Gift Basket Five Piece Soap Set 100% All Natural - Natural Handmade
Almond-Hazelnut   Almond Hazelnut Natural Aged Bar Soap with Cocoa Almond and Acai Berry Butter
limited-edition-florida   Artisan (Extra Large Aged Bar Soap 1 Pound ) Handmade Florida - Citrus Sunshine with Mango Cocoa Butter Soap
Gentlemans-soap   Artisan All Natural Twelve Piece Gentleman's Soap Gift Set -
greek-olive-soap   Artisan Greek Olive Oil Unscented Soap Bar - Natural Handmade
4-soap-gift   Artisan Handcrafted 4 Four Decorative Soap Gift Set
volcano   Artisan Soap Aged Volcanic Ash - Patchouli Large Bar 13 oz
Tea-tree-cocoa   Australian Tea Tree with Cocoa Butter Soap Bar Natural Artisan
soap-natural   Bar Soap - Oatmeal - Shea Butter Handmade Natural Soap -Aged it lasts for a long time. 1 POUND
Beer-soap   Beer Soap with Stout and Oatmeal made with Guinness Extra Stout Natural
scrub   Body Scrub Or Facial Mask Dead Sea Mud With Mt. Everest Himalayan Pink Salt With Mother Of Pearl Spoon
Coffee-espresso   Brazilian Coffee Espresso Scrub Bar Soap - Natural Artisan Handmade
Copaiba-coconut   Brazilian Copaiba Soap with Acai Berry Butter and Coconut Milk Soap--
brazil-soap   Brazilian Oil Bar Soap with Acai , Almond Butter, Macadamia Oil and Brazilian Clay - Handmade
luxury-soap   Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap - Handcrafted Artisan
Buttermilk-goat   Buttermilk and Goat's Milk Soap Bar - Handmade Soap Artisan Natural Soap Good for Body and Face
buttermIlk-soap   Buttermilk Soap with Honey With Mango Butter Soap - Natural Atrisan
Castile-soap-olive-cococnut   Castile Olive Organic Coconut Soap Bar Unscented - Handmade Natural
Castile   Castile Olive Coconut Limited Edition Soap Large Bar 14 oz .
Cafe   Coffee Soap Bar with Milk - French Cafe au Lait Soap 100% Natural Handmade
olive   Cretan Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt
Sea-Mud-L   Dead Sea Mud Soap Large Bar -Limited Edition Aged 14 Oz. Bar
Mud-anise   Dead Sea Mud Soap With Anise and Bay Laurel Soap - Black Natural Minerals Mud Soap
mud-salt-soap   Dead Sea Mud Soap With Dead Sea Salt (Unscented) Natural Artisan Handmade
geranium-soap   Egyptian Geranium Soap With Rose Clay Natural Artisan Handcrafted
goatmilk-soap   Farm Fresh Goats Milk Soap Bar - Natural Artisan Handmade
jasmine-rose   French Jasmine Bar with Crushed Flowers and Rose Oil
Soap-jasmine-lilac   French Jasmine Lilac Soap -Limited Edition- Large 12 oz.
jasmine-lilac   French Jasmine Lilac with Organic Shea Butter Soap Handmade All Natural
Soap-Jasmine-rose   French Jasmine Soap With Crushed Flowers and Rose Oil Aged Soap Limited Edition 13 oz Bar
Lavender-gera   French Lavender Egyptian Geranium Soap All Natural
artisan-collection   Gift Basket Soaps (Five Piece Set ) Artisan Collection. Handmade
Soap_news   Gift Natural Artisan Four Bar Gift Set Soaps
12-gift-set   Gift Set Twelve Piece Bar Soap - Handmade Natural Artisan Individually Wrapped
Goat-coconut-soap   Goat and Organic Coconut Milk Soap Handmade Soap Fresh From Our Local Farm -
limited-edition-blossom   Goat's Milk Soap with Honey Blossom and Oatmeal - 13.6 oz -LARGE Bar
goats-soap-bl   Goats Milk Soap with Honey Blossom For Everyday Use.
Castile_Bar   Handcrafted Natural Castile Olive- Coconut Soap ( Unscented )
citrus-soap   Handmade Citrus Soap with Orange -Lime And Tangerine Natural Handcrafted
Castile-soap-bar   Handmade Natural Palm Olive Soap Unscented 12 oz.
Pepper-mint   Handmade Natural Soap Bar Peppermint
kona-coffee   Hawaiian Kona Coffee Natural Handcrafted Soap Bar
jasmine-coconut-soap   Jasmine Grandiflorum With Moroccan - Rose Clay & Coconut Milk and Himalayan Pink Salt Soap
Limit-Edition-Soap-Set   Large Sea Kelp Varech & Goat's Milk Aged Soap Set Limited Edition
lavender-jasmine   Lavender Jasmine Grandiflorum Sea and Rose Clay Soap Handmade Artisan
Soap-lavender-jasmine   Lavender Jasmine Soap -Aged Limited Edition 11 oz.
lemongrass-soap   Lemongrass Natural Soap with Cocoa Butter Stimulant & Cooling
Large-Soap-Bar-Lemongrass   Lemongrass Soap Artisan Limited Edition Large Bar -- 12 oz
Geranium.Bar   Limited Edition Large Aged Bar Soap....Egyptian Geranium
limited-edition   Limited Edition Soap Extra Large Greek Olive Oil - 14 Ounce
large-bar-soap-jasmine   Limited Edition- Large- Jasmine Soap Bar - Moroccan Clay -Organic Coconut Milk
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Coffee-soap-Luxury   Luxury Coffee Scrub Soap Limited Edition -Large Bar 13 oz
Holiday-gift   Men or Women's Eleven Bar Natural Gift Set -Soaps for Everyone .
Mom-baby-gift   Mommy and Baby Soap Artisan All Natural Handmade Soap 12 Piece Gift Set .
bar_coffee   Natural Aged Brazilian Scrub Soap LARGE Bar
Four-soap-bar   Natural Artisan Four Bar Variety Pack (Soaps) Goat Milk - Coffee- Citrus - Butter Milk- Lavender- Oatmeal
scrub-coffee   Natural Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap with Cocoa Butter..
soap-rope   Natural Handmade Artisan Three Bar Set Soap on A Rope
Castile-olive-palm   Natural Handmade Castile Olive- Palm with Cocoa Butter Soap Bar Un-scented
oats-hazelnut   Oatmeal Soap with Shea Butter and Hazelnut Handmade
oats-mango   Organic Oatmeal Soap with Mango Butter
peppermint-shea   Peppermint Bar with Sea Clay - kelp and Shea Butter
Pepper-XL   Peppermint Soap with Sea Clay ( Large Bar ) Limited Edition 13.5 Oz
lavender-rose-petals   Provence French Lavender with Crushed Rose Petals Soap All Natural
lavender-deadsea-soap   Provence Lavender Soap with Dead Sea Mud and French Rose Clay Soap
Soap-Dead-Sea-Mud   Provence Lavender Soap with Dead Sea Mud Natural Limited Aged
BAR103-2T   Rainforest Copaiba Soap Natural with Coconut Milk (Acai Berry Butter) & Tree Leaves - Great For Eczema and Psoriasis, and Heals Damaged Skin 13 oz
rainforest-copaiba   Rainforest Copaiba Tree Leaves Soap Bar
Sea-soap   Sea Kelp / Moss with Chamomile Herb and Organic Cocoa Butter Soap
Sea-kep-Varech-Soap   Sea Kelp Varech All Natural With Organic Cocoa Butter Unscented Soap...
soap-2grapefruit   South African Grapefruit with Brazilian Clay and Tangerine Butter Soap
2-gift-set   Two Piece Artisan Gift Set French Scents and Milk Soaps
volcanic-ash   Volcanic Ash All Natural Artisan Soap - With Cocoa Butter and Patchouli Natural Soap Bar

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